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I Just Wanna Be Free, Free to Be Me

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Unconditional positive SELF-regard, authenticity, genuineness… these ideals are what our inner beings and conscience should be made of. They are of great significance if not some of THE most significant facets of every persons inner selves. And I would argue these facets are even more so for Black Women. And yet, over the course of many of our lives as Black Women, we are told and taught to shrink, fit in, don’t stand out, don’t be loud and boisterous, don’t be mad, don’t be sad, always look happy and inviting….smile…. And soooo on and sooo forth. Let me be clear when I say, Society has truly worked a great deal of overtime to condition Black Women and the cultural identity in which we identify with to fit this weird basic ass mold that is not BY US and certainly is not FOR US. And over the years, the decades, Black women have begun to fight back, to challenge the white washed societal view of how WE should look, act, and present ourselves in various aspects of our lives. Through this lens, I’ve personally been on a radical and racial journey of development regarding my own womanhood. And through my own lived ongoing experiences, I’ve found empowerment, comfort, self-regard, self-respect, and a deeper foundational love for myself and my positioning in the world. And these feelings and ideals which have transformed my worldview and therefore, has significantly increased my ability to be free and just simply be me. No fake mess, no covering up inner hurt or turmoil or confusion. Just openness and honesty to allow myself to tap into my very birthright… my right to be free, the complicated, multifaceted me! And as I’ve arrived at my place of healing and growth, a personal purpose and goal is to empower and support other Black Women to continue the journey and keep healing each and every day. So, I ask you.., as you read this post, are you living your life “freely”? And I understand. It’s a loaded question and I’m not saying every facet of your life can be you living freely but moving towards that total unconditional positive self-regard and freedom IS the end goal. But as long as you are starting somewhere you are doing the work. So, honor that. Nurture that. Challenge any inner and exterior societal marginalized beliefs that limit your freedom for you to be you!!! You deserve to allow the world to see “all” if you. Not just small bits and pieces, but ALLLLLL of YOU. Please take to your journal and utilize this weeks reflective prompt to dig in and begin your journey to being more free.

Reflective Journal Prompt:

Consider just one facet of your life… pick a facet that feels uneasy or a facet you currently are experiencing turmoil in. This facet could be your home life/relationship life, your work/educational/professional life, your social life. Pick one. Examine this facet of your life through the lens of “just wanting to be free…, free to be me…” what comes to mind? In that area of your life in what ways are you not being your authentic self and therefore, how could you work to allow more authenticity of thy self into this facet of your life? Challenge yourself to find small meaningful ways to incorporate more of you into this one facet of your life.


A Black Woman Healing Too…

Guided Meditation: Welcome In Freedom



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My dream in creating this platform is born from my own challenging life experiences both professionally and personally. I, along with many other black women have also experienced a great deal of loss, grief, depression, and trauma. In bringing this platform to life, my goal and personal passion is for every black woman to never stop exploring. We should always continue the journey of healing in pursuit of joy while holding space for normalizing self-care, mental health and emotional wellness. The more healing black women continue to do, the more our children, partners, families and culture will thrive.


I am a black woman healing too.


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